Aspexi Facebook Slider Pro (Page Plugin, formerly Like Box) is a simple floating Facebook slider for Magento 2.

Extension is compatible with Magento CE 2.0+, 2.1+, 2.2+ and newer.

Current free plugin version: 1.0.1. To get free version click here.

Current premium plugin version: 1.0.1.

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Please remove Free version completely if installed.

Upload downloaded zip file into your Magento 2 root directory. New directory should appear in app/code/Aspexi. Next, in the console run php bin/magento setup:upgrade

You may also need to run php bin/magento module:enable Aspexi_FacebookSlider

The last step is to Flush Magento Cache in Cache Management.

You can now configure extension in Stores -> Settings -> Configuration -> Aspexi -> Facebook Slider.

Module Settings explained:

General - License Key

Enter license key received in purchase confirmation email and click Save. If you want to move your license to another domain please remove license and save settings on your current domain and activate license on new domain.

General - Enabled

Whether to enable or disable module.

General - Type

Select slide out type: Likebox - button will slide out with the box, Sidebox - button will not slide out with the box.

General - Use external link instead of sliding Like Box

When checked, button will not slide out and Page Plugin won't load, instead it will link to the page / URL set in "External URL" field.

General - Facebook Page URL

Facebook Page Plugin works only with Facebook Pages. Make sure you set up Facebook Page, not Facebook Profile etc.

General - Page Plugin Height / Width

Set box size, in pixels. We recommend avoiding too high width values.

General - Show Friends' Faces

If enabled plugin will show profile photos when friends like this.

General - Show Posts (Stream)

If enabled, Page Posts will be loaded. This option is going to be removed by the Facebook. Please use Tabs Timeline instead.

General - Hide CTA

If enabled plugin will hide the custom call to action button (if available).

General - Hide Cover

If enabled plugin will hide cover photo in the header.

General - Small Header

Use the small header instead.

General - Locale

Set Page Plugin language.

General - Don't show again

If enabled, user will see "Don't show again" link on top of the box. Sample below:

If clicked, box and button will dissapear and will not appear for that user again (based on Cookies).

General - Slide out for unique users only

If you select this checkbox and enable auto slide out, this will happen only once for user.

Button Settings - Button Space

Space between button and page edge (in pixels). Example for 10px:

Button Settings - Button Placement

Button placement setting relate to the box.

Button Settings - Button Image

Button icon style. All icons available in high quality SVG. No image option can be used with relation to the "Auto open ..." options. Please note using Facebook logo colors different than official may violate Facebook rules.

Button Settings - High Resolution

If enabled, SVG (high quality) button image source file will be used instead of PNG (normal quality). This option is always recommended. Disable if your server / hosting cannot handle SVG files (no button issue).

Advanced Look and Feel - Animate on page load

Enables cool Button slide out on page load (after all site elements are loaded). See demo.

Advanced Look and Feel - Placement

Button and box placement: left and right available.

Advanced Look and Feel - Vertical placement

Button vertical placement setting.

Advanced Look and Feel - Border Color and Width

Set box border color and width (in pixels).

Advanced Look and Feel - Slide on Mouse

Slide out the box when button is mouse hover or clicked.

Advanced Look and Feel - Auto open

Set time in ms (1000ms = 1s) after page load button will slide out automatically.

Advanced Look and Feel - Auto close

Set time in ms (1000ms = 1s) after page load button will slide in automatically if opened automatically (won't work if at least one Auto Open... option is enabled).

Advanced Look and Feel - Auto open when user reaches position

Set user scroll position from top or bottom when box should slide out automatically (in pixels).

Advanced Look and Feel - Auto open when user reaches element

Set relative scroll position when box should slide out automatically (in pixels). For example if you want to show the plugin when user scrolls to the footer and your template has a footer element with class called "footer_class" then simply set ".footer_class" value and page plugin will slide out when user scrolls to the footer.

Advanced Look and Feel - Delay FB content load

Checking this box will prevent from loading the facebook content while loading the whole page. With this box checked the page will load faster, but facebook content may appear a bit later while opening the box for the first time.

Advanced Look and Feel - Disable on GET

Example: set Parameter=iframe and Value=true. Page Plugin will be disabled on all URLs with these parameters, like

Advanced Look and Feel - Disable on Small Screens

Dynamically hide the plugin if screen size is smaller than like box size (CSS media query). In most cases this should be enabled to avoid hiding the content on small screens.

Enable on Mobile

Enable / disable plugin on mobile devices.


If your license is active you can request for the update file. Please send us your email address and license code to with subject "Aspexi Facebook Slider Pro update request".

You can also use contact form on our website.

= 1.0.1 (20171121) =

  • Initial premium version